Bloating and Gas: Is It Normal or Should You See a GI Doctor?

Everyone experiences bloating and gas on occasion. You may have eaten something that didn’t agree with you. Or you simply ate too much, too fast.

No matter the reason you experience bloating and gas, it can be uncomfortable and embarrassing all the same.

Bloating and gas that become more frequent may signify a medical problem. This article will discuss how much gas is normal, how to tell if you’re bloated, and the common causes of bloating and gas. Lastly, we’ll highlight when you should see a GI doctor for bloating and gas.

How Much Gas Is Normal?

Research shows that people pass gas an average of 8 to 14 times per day. But some people may


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When Digestive Issues Require a Doctor’s Visit

Digestive issues like bloating, constipation, diarrhea, and heartburn are uncomfortable symptoms that we all experience at one time or another. But if these symptoms persist for more than a few days or weeks, it’s a sign that you should see a doctor.

When it comes to digestive issues, it’s often in your best interest to make an appointment with a specialist.

This article will discuss what a gastroenterologist is and when to make an appointment for common digestive issues. We’ll also discuss non-invasive procedures that we can perform to diagnose and treat certain conditions. Lastly, we’ll outline how you can prepare for your gastroenterologist appointment.


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5 IBS Facts That GI Doctors Want You to Know

Your stomach is at it again. You’re either bloated or in pain these days.

Was it something you ate?

And when you’re not bloated and wishing you’d worn looser pants, you’re having to spend a long time on the toilet. For some reason, your poop is either too soft – or way too hard. What’s that about?

If you think it might be irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), there are 5 IBS facts that gastroenterologists would love you to know about the condition.


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7 Reasons to see a Gastroenterologist

Are you considering seeing a gastroenterologist in San Antonio, TX? In most cases, my recommendation to those experiencing things like stomach pain or other digestive symptoms is to see your primary doctor first and they can decide if the cause is less severe than anticipated or needs the attention of a GI specialist. However, if you don’t have a primary care physician or if you’re experiencing chronic ongoing GI issues, you should ask to be referred to a gastroenterologist or contact one directly that participates in your insurance network.   

I often have conversations with first time patients where they let me know that they were unsure of what type of doctor to see for their symptoms, so


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Intestinal Gas: Do I have too much?

The National Institute of Digestive Diseases describes gas in the digestive tract as air that leaves your body through your mouth when you burp or through your anus when you pass gas. For this blog I’ll be focusing on air that leaves our body through the anus. The actual intestinal gas that leaves through the anus is called flatus, also known as farting, and flatulence is the “flatus or gas” that is expelled through the anus.  In some instances, flatus contains a small amount of sulfur and it’s the sulfur that gives it the odor.

A certain amount of gas production is normal in everybody.  Even though she


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Do I need a Colon Cleanse?

I regularly have patients ask me if they should periodically be doing a colon cleanse to benefit their overall digestive health.  Since various “cleanses” are getting more popular, I thought it would be helpful to share the opinion of a gastroenterologist on this topic. My hope with this article is to provide some useful information, so that those considering a colon cleanse can make a more educated decision as to whether this is an actual health benefit or more of a fad.

What is the Function of the Colon?

To maintain good digestive health, your body must effectively eliminate food and bodily waste!  What we eat and drink travels from our stomach


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April is IBS Awareness Month

With April being the National IBS Awareness month, I wanted to provide some additional information regarding irritable bowel syndrome to help promote awareness for this digestive disorder. The International Foundation for Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (IFFGD) describes Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as a disorder in which abdominal discomfort or pain is associated with a range of symptoms. Typically, these include intermittent abdominal pain accompanied by diarrhea, constipation, or alternating episodes of both. Other symptoms may also be present.

IBS awareness month message to seek medical treatmentTo learn more about the causes, symptoms and treatments for IBS – visit


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Dietary Tips for Gas and Bloating- FODMAPs

Gas and bloating.  If I could find a cure for this I would be on a beach right now somewhere sipping a Mai-Tai.  Instead I’m here at my desk writing about gas and bloating.  One of the most frustrating problems I help my patients with here in San Antonio, TX is gas and bloating.  It’s something I battle myself at times.  It can range from a grumbling sound to feeling like something is moving in your abdomen to belching and flatus and distention.  It can be an occasional nuisance or a daily problem.  My patients describe abdomens that cramp, bloat and at times get so big they


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9 Tips to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain and Bloating

The holidays are here and it’s one of my favorite times of the year. Football, friends and fiesta. There aren’t many combinations I enjoy more. Unfortunately, it is also one of the worst seasons for weight gain, gas and bloating. All the good food and drinks are hard to turn down, but judging by all the new faces I see at the gym the first of every year, I think most of us misbehave. The goal during the holiday season is to enjoy yourself the best you can but at the same time maintain your goals for your health and well-being. About 75% of annual weight gain takes place during the holidays. Go ahead and celebrate, but use balance and


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