Can SIBO Be the Cause of Your IBS?

You feel like you’ve tried everything to reduce your IBS symptoms.

Given up fast food? Check.
Cut out gluten? Check.
Tried expensive yogurt? Check.
Had a few sessions of acupuncture? Check.
Taken the tablets your doctor prescribed – even though you hate the side-effects? Check.

But none of it is working. You’ve lost a few pounds, but the pain still strikes a few hours after you’ve eaten – seemingly for no reason. You’re still rushing to the bathroom, and the bloating is terrible – you’ve given up on ever fitting back into your favorite jeans. You’re desperate for a change.


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Is an Elimination Diet Right for Me?

Dealing with regular stomach pain, constant trips to the toilet, or bloating so much you can’t get into your jeans makes you miserable. You feel like you can never be truly comfortable – and you can never relax, at least not completely. And you can’t explain to your friend why you have to cancel your coffee date for the third time this month – you pretend it’s a headache.

If your digestive symptoms occur regularly, and often a few hours after mealtimes, it may be down to your diet. Think about it – when was the last time you felt satiated and comfortable after a meal?


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5 IBS Facts That GI Doctors Want You to Know

Your stomach is at it again. You’re either bloated or in pain these days.

Was it something you ate?

And when you’re not bloated and wishing you’d worn looser pants, you’re having to spend a long time on the toilet. For some reason, your poop is either too soft – or way too hard. What’s that about?

If you think it might be irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), there are 5 IBS facts that gastroenterologists would love you to know about the condition.


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Pain in the Butt: What Rectal Pain Means for You

While it may be embarrassing, and not something you want to share about with your friends over brunch, having pain down there (rectal pain) is a widespread complaint – 10 million Americans self-report hemorrhoids every year. Rectal pain is all too common – but there are so many possible causes to consider.

Pain in the rectum and anus is so prevalent because they’re made up of sensitive, highly vascularised tissues, responsible for removing waste from your body. As a result, there is an increased risk of damage to the tissues and blood vessels, and of bacterial infections.

But what’s causing your pain – and is it worth getting evaluated by a doctor?

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How Your Gut Health Can Unlock Your Brain

If you’ve been feeling down – or run-down – for a while now, you may be looking for answers. While I would always urge you to consult your doctor first and foremost, if you’re having a hard time, and digestive discomfort is playing a part, improving gut health may be one of the ways in which you can make a difference.


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March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month

2019 Colon Cancer Awareness

Every March I like to help promote colon cancer awareness month by providing information regarding steps we can all take to avoid this cancer. Last year I focused on colonoscopy FAQs to help educate & dispel misconceptions about colonoscopy.

This year I wanted to help promote awareness by covering a few important topics on…


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Gluten-Free Holiday Baking Tips

I’ve attended a few holiday parties recently and it got me thinking about how they can be stressful for those with celiac or an intolerance towards gluten. With this in mind, I wanted to re-visit the topic of eating gluten-free and more specifically gluten-free holiday baking.

In this article I’ll cover a few fundamentals regarding gluten and then move on to a few tips & challenges with gluten-free holiday baking.


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9 Hacks to Improve Gut Health Naturally

An unhealthy gut can leave you wasting time in the bathroom – and really, who has time to waste? We’ve all experienced it before – that rumbling sound coming from your stomach when the room is completely silent and that bloated uneasy feeling. That’s something we all want to avoid. I battled this myself for many years as I tried different diet and life style changes trying to find that balance for my system. I attributed it to getting older – which I was – but that didn’t mean I was ready to feel that way. These experiences led me to want to share hacks to improve gut health.

Not only can an unhealthy gut cause unwanted digestive issues, but


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A Tipsy Look Inside The Effects of Alcohol on Your Gut

A long day after work or a day filled with screaming kids – all you can think about is pouring a glass of wine or popping open a nice cold beer. As you take the first sip of your drink, you think, “It’s all about the small things in life!”

An alcoholic beverage is definitely nice for relaxation and social events. But too much of a good thing can eventually turn into a bad thing.


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5 Prebiotic Foods You Should Add to Your Diet

Did you know, there are trillions of bacteria creeping in every little nook and cranny in your digestive tract? There’s bacteria in your gut.

Sounds disgusting, doesn’t it? That’s because we’re conditioned to believe bacteria is bad. Chances are you over clean your house and wash your hands constantly. In the US, we wage war on germs – but this is a big mistake because bacteria isn’t always bad for you.


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