Gluten-Free Holiday Baking Tips

I’ve attended a few holiday parties recently and it got me thinking about how they can be stressful for those with celiac or an intolerance towards gluten. With this in mind, I wanted to re-visit the topic of eating gluten-free and more specifically gluten-free holiday baking.

In this article I’ll cover a few fundamentals regarding gluten and then move on to a few tips & challenges with gluten-free holiday baking.

What is gluten?

Gluten is the generic term for the storage of protein in grains. It is found in wheat, oats, barley, spelt and rye.

It is the high proline and glutamine content in gluten that prevents the proteins from being completely broken down


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9 Hacks to Improve Gut Health Naturally

An unhealthy gut can leave you wasting time in the bathroom – and really, who has time to waste? We’ve all experienced it before – that rumbling sound coming from your stomach when the room is completely silent and that bloated uneasy feeling. That’s something we all want to avoid. I battled this myself for many years as I tried different diet and life style changes trying to find that balance for my system. I attributed it to getting older – which I was – but that didn’t mean I was ready to feel that way. These experiences led me to want to share hacks to improve gut health.

Not only can an unhealthy gut cause unwanted digestive issues, but


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A Tipsy Look Inside The Effects of Alcohol on Your Gut

A long day after work or a day filled with screaming kids – all you can think about is pouring a glass of wine or popping open a nice cold beer. As you take the first sip of your drink, you think, “It’s all about the small things in life!”

An alcoholic beverage is definitely nice for relaxation and social events. But too much of a good thing can eventually turn into a bad thing.

I’m not saying you need to restrain from all alcohol consumption, but excessively drinking alcohol can have a major impact on your health.

Moderate drinking consists of 1 drink per day for women and up to 2 drinks per day


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5 Prebiotic Foods You Should Add to Your Diet

Did you know, there are trillions of bacteria creeping in every little nook and cranny in your digestive tract? There’s bacteria in your gut.

Sounds disgusting, doesn’t it? That’s because we’re conditioned to believe bacteria is bad. Chances are you over clean your house and wash your hands constantly. In the US, we wage war on germs – but this is a big mistake because bacteria isn’t always bad for you.

Your gut microbiome is a fascinating ecosystem of bacteria that works to improve many aspects of your health. When it isn’t  functioning well, complications can arise. Probiotics are marketed as a quick fix to get your gut back to normal. But if it was that easy to cure gut issues, we’d


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Having Digestive Issues? You Might Be Missing This Vital Element

During summertime, the sun in San Antonio starts getting brighter. We can feel the effects of the water loss on our bodies when trying to get out of our car after a long drive, our legs get stuck to our seats with sweat. Or when we pass out on our beach towels in the sun and wake up drenched in sweat– and probably a little sun-burnt too. We lose a lot of water through sweat in the summer and it’s important that we put back as much as our bodies are losing – because it’s vital to our health.

Water, food, air, and shelter are the 4 most basic things every living organism needs to stay alive. You can


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Colon Cancer Home Tests vs Colonoscopy

For most colon cancer screening has always been synonymous with a colonoscopy procedure. Other screening test options have been available for years, but not until recently have the colon cancer home tests received so much attention due to increased consumer advertising.

As a result of the ads, several patients have been asking if colon cancer home tests are a viable option to screening option. These questions prompted my interest in writing this article to better educate on the pros and cons of various screening options.

As a gastroenterologist in San Antonio, a focus of my practice is to increase the participation rates of those getting screened for


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Colonoscopy FAQs

With March being Colon Cancer Awareness month, I wanted to help spread the awareness message in San Antonio, TX that following the recommended screening guidelines is the key to beating this cancer. This year I thought I would do something different by sharing a few Colonoscopy FAQs to help dispel some of the misconceptions and educate on why it is best way to screen for colon cancer.

If you know someone 50 years or older, make sure they know about the importance of colon cancer screening. Thank you in advance for helping to promote this awareness message in San Antonio and let me know if you have any questions related


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Which Diet is Best for You?

There are a lot of food choices for us to make and choosing the right diet for you can feel a little overwhelming at times. To help you sort through the noise and get you off on the right track, I’ve outlined four great diets worth considering.

  1. The Paleo Diet
  2. The Low FODMAP Diet
  3. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet – SCD
  4. The Mediterranean Diet

Each of these are great for different reasons. You may even find you feel your best when you take elements from each and combine them to make your own personal plan. Fortunately, once you have a good idea which diet is best for you and your personal goals there’s mountains of


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Eating for a Healthy Gut

I often get asked for recommendations on dietary choices that will help promote a healthy gut, so I wanted to provide a brief background on the gut along with a few things to keep in mind when making food choices. My hope is that this information will help to educate those reading the article on the important role the gut plays in our overall health.

The gut is often referred to as the gut flora or gut microbiota, which are the names given to the microbe population living in our intestines. Since this is a non-scientific article, I’ll just keep it simple and refer to this area as “the gut”. The intestines contain approximately 100 trillion microorganisms and 10 times more


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Exercise and Digestive Health

Much of the content that I’ve written on my website relative to improving digestive symptoms and conditions almost always includes recommendations promoting a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. As a result, I wanted to give a more detailed explanation regarding how exercise can benefit your digestive system, so that you better understand the direct correlation between an active lifestyle and better digestive health.

Exercise and Overall Digestive Health

Before discussing how exercise can contribute to improving our digestive health, I wanted to briefly explain the gut/intestinal microbiome and the importance of keeping it in balance. The gut microbiome is defined as the collection of microbes or microorganisms that inhabit an environment and create a sort of “mini-ecosystem”. Our gut microbiota contains


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