Which Diet is Best for You?

There are a lot of food choices for us to make and choosing the right diet for you can feel a little overwhelming at times. To help you sort through the noise and get you off on the right track, I’ve outlined four great diets worth considering.

  1. The Paleo Diet
  2. The Low FODMAP Diet
  3. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet – SCD
  4. The Mediterranean Diet

Each of these are great for different reasons. You may even find you feel your best when you take elements from each and combine them to make your own personal plan. Fortunately, once you have a good idea which diet is best for you and your personal goals there’s mountains of


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Eating for a Healthy Gut

I often get asked for recommendations on dietary choices that will help promote a healthy gut, so I wanted to provide a brief background on the gut along with a few things to keep in mind when making food choices. My hope is that this information will help to educate those reading the article on the important role the gut plays in our overall health.

The gut is often referred to as the gut flora or gut microbiota, which are the names given to the microbe population living in our intestines. Since this is a non-scientific article, I’ll just keep it simple and refer to this area as “the gut”. The intestines contain approximately 100 trillion microorganisms and 10 times more


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Exercise and Digestive Health

Much of the content that I’ve written on my website relative to improving digestive symptoms and conditions almost always includes recommendations promoting a healthy diet and an active lifestyle. As a result, I wanted to give a more detailed explanation regarding how exercise can benefit your digestive system, so that you better understand the direct correlation between an active lifestyle and better digestive health.

Exercise and Overall Digestive Health

Before discussing how exercise can contribute to improving our digestive health, I wanted to briefly explain the gut/intestinal microbiome and the importance of keeping it in balance. The gut microbiome is defined as the collection of microbes or microorganisms that inhabit an environment and create a sort of “mini-ecosystem”. Our gut microbiota contains


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7 Reasons to see a Gastroenterologist

Are you considering seeing a gastroenterologist in San Antonio, TX? In most cases, my recommendation to those experiencing things like stomach pain or other digestive symptoms is to see your primary doctor first and they can decide if the cause is less severe than anticipated or needs the attention of a GI specialist. However, if you don’t have a primary care physician or if you’re experiencing chronic ongoing GI issues, you should ask to be referred to a gastroenterologist or contact one directly that participates in your insurance network.   

I often have conversations with first time patients where they let me know that they were unsure of what type of doctor to see for their symptoms, so


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Barrett’s Esophagus – Recognizing the Symptoms

Barrett’s esophagus is a common condition encountered by gastroenterologists in San Antonio. With Barrett’s esophagus, the lining of the lower esophagus changes over time and starts to look like small intestine instead of esophagus. A normal esophagus lining should have a pink and shiny color. The lining of the small intestines, and of Barrett’s, looks red and velvety. The problem with this transformation in the lower esophagus is that Barrett’s is a precancerous condition, and if left untreated could transform into cancer. According to the NIH, men are twice as likely to develop Barrett’s esophagus as women.

To get a better understanding of Barrett’s esophagus, first we should discuss gastroesophageal reflux disease, or


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Constipation – When to see a Doctor

I’ve written previously on the common condition of having constipation, which provides a good overview of the causes and initial treatment options. However, my practice receives a lot of calls from patients wondering what the determining factors are regarding when they should see a doctor for this condition. These questions were the inspiration for creating more guidance on how constipation should be perceived and treated by patients. While this is never a pleasant topic to discuss or experience, a normal occurrence of bowel movements is important for everyone’s overall health. I hope those reading this information in the San Antonio, TX area find this information helpful, and if you need to see a


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2017 Colon Cancer Awareness

“I’m an avid sports fan.  I am proud of what the sports community has done to help raise awareness for breast cancer.  If you watch sports enough you will frequently see the “pink” awareness color of breast cancer in the stands, on uniforms, on athletic equipment and on signs and banners.  We need this constant reminder because breast cancer is preventable, yet still takes way too many lives.  Colon cancer awareness color is “dark blue”.  This color, and reminder, I don’t see nearly enough.  Colon cancer, also preventable, is the second leading cause of cancer death in our country.  It’s my job as a gastroenterologist to


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Improve Your Digestive Health – Juice Cleanse?

The start of 2017 brings out a variety of new year resolutions… better diet, more exercise, avoid alcohol, etc. With the popularity and media coverage on various cleanses, I’ve had several patients ask me recently about whether they should do a juice cleanse to improve their digestive health. As a result, I wanted to provide the opinion of a gastroenterologist on this topic. I did write an article on colon cleanses in August 2016, so this time I’ll focus just on juice cleanses and the pros/cons in regards to effecting your digestive health.

Spoiler Alert: I do not recommend doing a juice cleanse.

What is a Juice Cleanse?

Juice cleansing is a diet


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2017 Get Your Rear in Gear 5k Run/Walk – San Antonio, TX

This March I’ll be participating in the Get Your Rear in Gear 5k Run/Walk in San Antonio with co-workers from our gastroenterology clinic and endoscopy center. I’m very proud that the Gastroenterology Clinic of San Antonio will be a presenting sponsor in this year’s event. This is a family friendly walk/run with lots of great kid’s activities.

Proceeds from this event will be granted towards programs that will raise colon cancer screening rates, increase awareness, and educate the public about the signs and symptoms of this disease in the San Antonio, TX community. I encourage everyone to join us to help raise awareness and colon cancer screening rates in San Antonio. To learn more about colon cancer and


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Treating Hemorrhoids – What are the best options?

The National Institute of Digestive Diseases describes hemorrhoids as swollen and inflamed veins around the anus or in the lower rectum, which affect 3 out of 4 adults during their lifetime. Causes are generally from events that put extra pressure in the lower rectum like straining during a bowel movement, prolonged sitting or heavy lifting. Sometimes a patient has none of these risk factors and the cause of their hemorrhoids is unknown. Common symptoms are bleeding, feeling of fullness in rectum, itching/pain around the anus and protruding lumps from the anus.

Since hemorrhoids are so common, I wanted to go over a few basics


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